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I grew up torrenting music from Napster and playing Starcraft, but my interest in building software didn’t begin until my final year at Northeastern University. After completing co-op positions in medical device design and aerospace manufacturing, I felt discouraged by the pace of hardware development.

I managed to work my way into an operations role at Ten Percent Happier, a small tech startup that had just raised their seed financing. The operations role quickly evolved into a product role and my time there offered me an opportunity to build and launch a new product, to make a few difficult decisions to pivot the product and company, and to work through the challenges of managing a cash-crunched company.

After leaving Ten Percent Happier in December 2015, I’ve built (and shutdown) a few of my own products and started freelancing, which has allowed me to work alongside nearly a dozen different Boston-based tech startups ranging from pre-seed founding teams to growth-stage companies with several hundred employees.

I’m currently pursuing an MBA at Harvard Business School, which has offered a wonderful opportunity to step back and reflect on these experiences. I’m passionate about health, the outdoors, and urban communities and excited to collaborate with talented, creative people to bring new products to life. If you are interested in chatting with me, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at robinsongreig[at]

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Robinson Greig

Independent Product Consultant in Cambridge, MA

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