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Hi again! I'm an independent product consultant based in Cambridge, MA. I've been fortunate to have worked with a number of local, emerging startups including Ten Percent Happier, ezCater, and Catalant.

Head over to my about page for a longer, rambling recount of my past few years.

My Work

I’m a generalist. I'm comfortable taking a rough concept and running with it, noting assumptions along the way, to create a functional prototype. I am most useful in the early stages of building a product, when the feature set or market fit may still be a bit unclear. Getting to a point of more clarity may involved customer research, market research, or building a scrappy prototype.

My Approach

I rely on a healthy mix of customer research and guess-and-check design. I like to start a new design project by outlining what we're building and why we believe this will help our customers. If either of those questions are difficult to answer, there is some work to be done to better understand how customers think and act. Once these answers are clear, then I move on to a collaborative design process with my client and, when possible, their customers to work through a number of rough iterations.

This process helps us visually align on our ideas and may bring any additional assumptions to light. Once we are clear on what we are building and how the solution will all work, then I bring the wireframes up to a visual design layer. Finally, we build. Depending on the complexity of the project, I will either build it myself or will partner with other developers to build it.

My Rate

I charge $130/hour for design, development, and product strategy work.

Contact me

If you have a project in mind that you think I may be a good fit for, email me at robinsongreig[at]gmail.com

Robinson Greig

Independent Product Consultant in Cambridge, MA

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