Is New York Dead?

I moved to Brooklyn in October 2020, in the lull between the first and second peaks of the pandemic. The rest of the world was moving out of cities at the time, and the internet had declared New York was dead.

Perhaps my glasses were rose-tinted because I was new to the city, but I saw life and character on every block. In February, I built a website to capture what I saw along my wandering walking adventures and put it on a map.

I came up with a lofty goal of capturing a moment on every block of New York. With over 100,000 blocks across the five boroughs, that goal would take me a decade to complete on my own. So, I opened the project up to contributors. If you are a NYC-based photographer and looking for a COVID-friendly activity, please consider adding your photos to the map.

The website uses the Unsplash API to fetch photos from my collection and then Mapbox to render them on a map.

Each point on the map represents a photo. Click the point to preview the photo.

Other photographers may contribute to the map by simply pasting a link to a photo they have uploaded to Unsplash.