Film Photography

I grew up with a camera in my hand, but lost touch with photography in the early 2010s. Phone camera quality really became pretty remarkable, and good photography started to feel like a commodity. I started to obsess over getting the perfect shot and no longer enjoyed my mindless wandering with a camera.

After taking a break for a few years, I stared to miss photography. I bought an old film camera and slowly started taking photos again. I find film to be a nice return to what I once loved about photography. Film doesn't allow you to review and refine the shots you take. It has helped me become more forgiving with my photography again. I appreciate the imperfections in my shots, and the delayed gratification that comes with developing makes me enjoy the memories more.

Here's some of my favorite shots from the past few years.

Central Park, Jan 2015

Charles River, Feb 2015, Film damaged by the cold weather.

Cambridge, Mar 2015

Manila, Mar 2015

Palawan, Mar 2015

Palawan, Mar 2015

Palawan, Mar 2015

Water Buck, Sabi Sands, May 2015

Hyena, Sabi Sands, May 2015

White Rhino, Sabi Sands, May 2015

Hornbill, Sabi Sands, May 2015

Two Water Bucks, Sabi Sands, May 2015

Vervet Monkey, Sabi Sands, May 2015

Warthog, Sabi Sands, May 2015

Orb Spider, Kruger National Park, May 2015

Poppy, Paris, May 2015

Charles River, Sep 2015

Boston, Sep 2015

Greig Farm, Jun 2019

Charlie, Greig Farm, Jun 2019

Greig Farm, Jun 2019